6 Breast Pump Tips From Your Rockford Medical Supply Store

These days, expecting mothers have a wide range of products and techniques to choose from to help them provide the best level of care for their newborns. When it comes to feeding their babies, many mothers rely on one of a variety of modern breast pumps for efficient and discrete results.


New mothers who plan on using a breast pump will need to undergo a learning process with their bodies to let-down to their devices. This reflex is triggered hormonally and spurs the production of milk to feed the baby. If you’re looking for a new device to make the pumping process simple and stress-free, then Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment and Lehan Drugs of Rockford are here to provide ideal assistance and support. Our online and medical supply store specialists understand the importance of comfort and quality, and we work to find affordable results.

Read below for five tips to help make life better with your new breast pump, and be sure to reach out to our experts for an ideal fit for you. We work with insurance plans to find the best results, and we will ensure you are satisfied with your medical device!

Plan And Prepare Properly

It is essential to find the right breast pump to fit your needs. Each mother is unique in their plans, needs, and insurance coverage, making it essential to think ahead. Being proactive at this stage can allow for an easy transition into pumping once baby has arrived. We recommend scheduling a consultation with a medical professional for lactation advice, including preparations and tips to make life better for everyone. Your preparation can also include stocking up on storage bags, tubing, personalized flanges, and more.

It can be easier than ever to find a breast pump that is fully covered by your insurance while also providing the best results for you and baby. Contact our medical supply team online today to learn how we can help you find the best fit at an optimal cost!

Establish A Pumping Schedule

Many new mothers are surprised to learn how interconnected their feelings and emotions can be when it comes to milk production. Establishing a set routine can give your body the cues needed to begin let-down. Mothers can personalize their process for the best results, including calming music, dimming the lights, getting a delicious beverage to enjoy throughout, and more. Soothing routines and clear pumping schedules will help to reduce any stress associated with pumping, which may disrupt the milk supply.


Proactively Stock Up

The last thing new mothers want to worry about is their babies not having enough milk stored for adequate feeding. It pays to stock up early and plan ahead for any time where a buildup of food is needed.

Come Prepared

Pumping milk on the go can prove to be quite the endeavor, which is why it pays to stock up on all of the needed equipment to ensure the smoothest results. New mothers returning to work, for example, will need to have a good supply on hand. While the rule of thumb varies, many mothers rely on the rule of six for breast milk storage: six hours at room temperature, six days at refrigerated temperatures, and six months in the freezer.

When alternating between feeding your little one and storing milk for later, try not to stress about producing enough. Your doctor will inform you that full breasts signal a slowdown in production, while those closer to empty actually promote faster milk production.

Pump During Feedings

One thing you may notice is that the hormones needed to activate milk production will often result in both breasts producing simultaneously. Feeding your baby on one side, after all, is the best trigger for milk production. Many moms complain about leaking out the other side, wasting precious nutrition while also creating a mess.

You can elect to invest in a cup device that catches the extra milk, or simply pump while your child is feeding. This should promote the best production through the pump. Choose this option with caution, as your baby may become hungry sooner if they cannot access the full volume of both breasts. Continue to feed your newborn, and do not worry — your body will increase milk output to match this new demand.

Pump Both Simultaneously For The Best Production

Once your body begins producing milk, it can prove beneficial to pump both breasts at the same time to maximize output. Experts posit that doubling down releases more of the hormone prolactin, resulting in better milk production. There are numerous products available to help busy moms with this, including nursing bras, mobile breast pumps, and more.

Ready to find the right breast pump for you? Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here to provide breast pumps to customers in Rockford and across northern Illinois. Our women’s health team can work with you to find the right product for you and your newborn. Contact us online to get started. We look forward to helping you!

* While meant to be helpful in nature, none of the content in this post is meant to serve as a resource for any diagnosis or treatment.

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