The Top Reasons Why You Should Find The Right Breast Pump

Expectant and first-time mothers both face a plethora of decisions on how to best care for their newborns. One medical device that can provide serious support and convenience is a breast pump, allowing new mothers to safely pump and store their milk for later use.


It can prove challenging trying to find the right style and fit for you, as breast pumps come in a wide variety of makes and styles. If you’re a resident of Northern Illinois and are trying to find the right breast pump for you and your insurance, Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here to help!

Our medical supply store in Rockford provides durable medical equipment such as soft braces, lift chairs, compression socks, and more backed by our training and expertise to ensure you are satisfied with the improvements. One product that should always be purchased with expert assistance is the breast pump. Catch up on our top four reasons why you should consider a breast pump, and be sure to contact us to get started today!

Comfortable Fits

For some new mothers, breastfeeding can prove to be a challenging process. Pain and general discomfort can result if the proper techniques aren’t used as well, creating more stress for mom than necessary. A properly fitted breast pump can provide comfort throughout the pumping process, improving the experience for many mothers in need.

Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment of Rockford is here to help you find the best model and fit for your lifestyle. We stock a range of products, from light-duty products and manual breast pumps to hospital-grade options and more. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to fill out our insurance form to get started!

Improved Privacy

Operation of your breast pump will result in a number of sounds as the device simulates the feeding of an infant for the best production. Many new mothers are thankful for the privacy afforded by quality breast pumps, as many devices feature quieter operations. This can help you prevent a range of unwanted attention while pumping.


Healthy Results

One benefit to consider when you are shopping for a new breast pump is how the regular flow of milk can help to keep your body healthy. Pumping in coordination with breastfeeding can help to increase milk supplies for mothers struggling to produce enough. A breast pump can also be utilized to alleviate health concerns such as Mastitis. A proper device from Lehan’s can ensure your body is properly supported and able to heal while breastfeeding.

Increased Freedom

Breastfeeding forms an intense bond between mother and child, and this bond can be strained if the two are to be separated for extended periods of time. A quality breast pump can help you to achieve more freedom, living life without worrying about the health or happiness of your little one.

Breast pumps are ideal for working moms who cannot feed their child on demand. These devices also provide more freedom when it comes to an evening glass of wine, as milk storage can prevent any alcohol from reaching the baby. New dads can also benefit from breast pumps as they enable fathers to feed their newborns.

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