1. A baby sucking milk from a bottle.

    6 Breast Pump Tips From Your Rockford Medical Supply Store

    These days, expecting mothers have a wide range of products and techniques to choose from to help them provide the best level of care for their newborns. When it comes to feeding their babies, many mothers rely on one of a variety of modern breast pumps for efficient and discrete results. New mothers who plan on using a breast pump will need to undergo a learning process with their bodies to let-d…Read More

  2. A baby and adult hand rest on a bottle of milk.

    The Top Reasons Why You Should Find the Right Breast Pump

    Expectant and first-time mothers both face a plethora of decisions on how to best care for their newborns. One medical device that can provide serious support and convenience is a breast pump, allowing new mothers to safely pump and store their milk for later use. It can prove challenging trying to find the right style and fit for you, as breast pumps come in a wide variety of makes and styles. If…Read More

  3. "What to look for ina a Breast Pump with your Rockford Medical supply store"

    What To Look For In A Breast Pump With Your Rockford Medical Supply Store

    New and expecting mothers are relied on to deliver nutritional milk to their infants to let their babies grow up healthy and strong. If you are pregnant, you have likely heard advice concerning breast pumps, nursing bras, and a plethora of other devices to help you provide the best for your little miracle. Growing families across Illinois have relied on Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment s…Read More

  4. A baby on a yellow blanket with a bottle full of milk.

    How To Choose The Best Breast Pump For You

    Whether you’re expecting your first child or your fifth, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding during your baby’s first six months, unless there’s a medical reason not to do so. This is because breast milk offers a variety of benefits to your baby, including boosting his or her immune system, promoting brain and vision development and improving your baby’s digestive t…Read More