What To Look For In A Breast Pump With Your Rockford Medical Supply Store

New and expecting mothers are relied on to deliver nutritional milk to their infants to let their babies grow up healthy and strong. If you are pregnant, you have likely heard advice concerning breast pumps, nursing bras, and a plethora of other devices to help you provide the best for your little miracle. Growing families across Illinois have relied on Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment since 1942 to provide the best shopping assistance when it came to breast pumps, insurance coverage, and a quality outcome.


Our medical supply store is stocked with knowledgeable staff and a full range of medical supplies for our Rockford customers. From compression socks to CPAP machines, our team has the knowledge to navigate the insurance system for an amazing outcome that you are sure to love.

One device that is said to be essential for new mothers is the breast pump. This machine is used to pump breast milk and store it for future use. Mothers on the go and new moms who cannot produce their own supply can benefit from the comfort and reliability of a modern breast pump!

Why The Need For A Breast Pump?

When it comes to women’s health and the deep bond developed between mother and child during this feeding process, a breast pump may be a necessary investment. It is important to remember that every family is different; some mothers may not need a breast pump for their infant, while others may require it meet the minimum output desired for their baby.

If you are expecting, it can help to consider what your future plans will be in terms of infant care. It can also help to prepare for possible medical conditions that may impact your ability to breastfeed. These reasons may include:

  • Time away from baby. Mothers who return to work can benefit from the convenience and reliability of a modern breast pump. You can stock up on milk for storage while you are away, or leave it with your selected caretaker.
  • Breastfeeding difficulties. Some infants may struggle to breastfeed, and the cause for this can come from a wide range of sources (Mastitis, latching pain, and so on). Breast pumps allow for bottle feeding, giving relief to many mothers and their newborns.
  • Insufficient milk production. Due to chemical or hormonal imbalances within the mother, there may be a problem for mothers who have not yet established a milk supply or are producing very little. Whether you are working to correct thyroid issues, or have undergone breast-related surgery, a breast pump may prove to be a quality solution.

Breast Pumps For Different Demands

Ultimately, the beast pump you decide on should provide the perfect balance between price and performance; you want a medical device that helps deliver the best results for your newborn, but you do not want to spend an excess amount when it is not necessary.

Lehan’s Medical is here to help you every step of the way! Our team can deliver with different products to match your needs, whether they include:

  • Light-duty pumps. Machines intended for occasional use are often more affordable, at the cost of performance. Many manual breast pumps fall into this category, giving mothers the ability to pump with the use of force rather than by electric power. Small, powered breast pumps are ideal for use one or two times a week, often relied upon in emergency situations.
  • Moderate-duty pumps. These breast pumps comprise a majority of the models you will find today, and are suited for mothers who are able to produce their own steady supply. You can find a range of double pumps to maximize efficiency and output, increasing user comfort over the long term. Many parents benefit from quality coverage for these breast pumps, often ranging from three to five years. When you are finished, this device can be reused, traded, or gifted or a loved one in need.
  • Heavy-duty pumps. Often referred to as a hospital-grade breast pump, this device is made to benefit mothers who struggle to produce their own milk supply, and is often to overcome medical issues. These products are built to maintain a steady supply, providing the most power in collecting your baby’s needed meals.


From Ameda™ to Spectra breast pumps, there are numerous brands available, each with their own set of loyal customers. Each provides unique benefits that can better fit one mother’s lifestyle compared to another’s. It will be important for you in the coming months to find the perfect breast pump for your child’s needs. Quality machines can do much to enhance your family’s quality of life, so be sure to reach out to Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment for full-service support!

For decades, our medical supply store has worked to provide the best breast pumps to our Rockford clients. We are dedicated to finding affordable, effective solutions that help you to live life to the fullest. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to stop by our medical equipment store on Perryville Road for assistance!

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