The Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using Your CPAP Machine Part 1

Every morning, many Americans are waking up tired and groggy due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In fact, millions of people are dealing with sleep apnea on a daily basis, and recent research has shown that nearly half of sufferers are not using their CPAP machine on a nightly basis.


Also known as a continuous positive airway pressure device, this equipment is very beneficial for delivering airflow for those with obstructions. It’s important to take care of your OSA, which is why Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here to help. We are proud to be your top provider of CPAP supplies in Rockford, delivering quality supplies and expert assistance to provide Illinois residents with the medical equipment they need to get the most out of life. We’re here to deliver everything you need, from CPAP masks to breast pumps, in coordination with your health insurance provider for an effective and affordable solution.

If you decide not to utilize your CPAP supplies on a consistent basis, you could be missing out! Today, we’ll highlight a few of the top reasons why you should consistently use your CPAP machine. If yours is not cutting it for you, or if you do not own a CPAP device in the Rockford area, be sure to stop by Lehan’s for assistance today!

Better Sleep

The first and most obvious benefit of using a device to cure your sleep apnea is that you’ll sleep much better. Getting used to a CPAP machine can be challenging, but once you are in the rhythm of things, expect to notice drastic results. These devices will deliver the airflow needed to rest uninterrupted through the night, allowing for deeper, more restful sleep in the process. After a few weeks, you can expect to feel the benefits of having more energy, providing a new outlook for your life!

Happier Spouses

The value of sleeping through the night is doubled when you consider the rest that can be afforded to your spouse. Many happy couples who have to deal with one count of OSA struggle to retain that level of love and peace throughout the night. Sleep apnea is synonymous with snoring, and constant snoring night after night can take a real toll on your loved one. Utilizing a CPAP machine may create a dramatic improvement for both of you!


Controlling Health Risks

Not being able to gain an adequate amount of sleep nightly can result in a number of health concerns, including the development of serious problems such as diabetes. Studies have shown that adequate levels of sleep help to reduce the chances of suffering from complications of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and more. Sleep helps your body to regulate and repair blood vessels, delivering all-over health when you can rest up enough. Skipping your CPAP machine, though, can impact your health immensely in the long run. As Rockford’s medical supply store, Lehan’s can help you to find a machine and CPAP mask that fits comfortably for a full night’s rest!

Controlling Diabetes

Diabetics who suffer from OSA may face additional struggles in controlling their blood sugar levels. A lack of sleep has been known to increase insulin resistance, minimizing your body’s ability to properly absorb and transport glucose for energy. The result is a buildup of sugar in the blood, which can create serious complications if not treated quickly. Patients who do sleep enough have been shown to report better blood glucose levels compared to those with sleep apnea that do not get enough sleep.

Daily Safety Improvements

Garnering enough rest at night can affect a lot more than your health. Sufferers of sleep apnea have reported much more weariness and fatigue throughout the day compared to non-OSA individuals. This continual lack of sleep can create serious safety concerns on a daily basis, especially for people who spend a lot of time at the wheel. Falling asleep while driving is a serious concern that can happen to you at almost any time when you are sleep deprived. Individuals who have a risky job can also suffer from injury or worse when they fall asleep at their post. As one of the top providers of CPAP supplies in Northern Illinois, Lehan’s is here to help you sleep all night and avoid the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel.

Using a CPAP machine can be challenging to start, and many patients report a varying degree of discomfort when getting used to their new device. Using your equipment, though, can provide a plethora of positives for your health and outlook on life. Next time, we’ll continue to discuss the reasons why you need to use your device regularly. It can prove wholly beneficial to reach out to a local medical supply store to find the devices and expertise you need to make smart, informed decisions for your health. Lehan’s Medical Supplies is proud to be your source for a variety of equipment, from compression socks to chair lifts and more.

If you are in need of CPAP supplies in Rockford, be sure to stop by our location or contact us with your questions!

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