The Benefits Of Wearing A Back Brace For Your Recovery

Chronic back pain is a prevalent problem that affects citizens of all ages across the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 60 to 70 percent of the population suffers from common lower back pain, with chronic sufferers making up a smaller, yet more debilitated demographic.


The truth is that chronic back pain is a leading cause of disability, with individuals suffering to varying degrees on a daily basis. One way to support your back and allow it the time to properly rest and recover is by wearing a proper back brace. Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment was founded to be your source for quality medical supplies in Rockford. For more than 70 years, our medical supply store has worked hard to deliver top-quality home medical equipment and supplies that are both beneficial for your health and affordable through your insurance provider. We also offer free delivery services to ensure that you receive the medical equipment you need in a convenient and expedient fashion.

Soft medical braces are useful devices that can immobilize a compromised joint or limb to allow for proper articulation of that joint in a safe, controlled manner. Lehan’s specializes in providing a wide range of ankle braces, knee braces, and more. Our expansive inventory serves to deliver restorative benefits while you deal with health issues such as back pain. Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of wearing one of our quality back braces, as well as the benefits of working with our medical supply company.

A Wide Range Of Back Problems

While back pain is fairly common across the globe, the causes surrounding it are much more diverse. For many of us, back discomfort stems from the long-term damages resulting from lifting objects improperly or utilizing the spine instead of the legs when lifting. Sudden movements, twists, or strange turns can also set off a wave of back pain. While many people think that their spines suffer this pain from one wrong move, it’s important to remember that a lifetime of incorrect lifting techniques and poor posture can lead to chronic issues. Other, more serious causes of back pain include medical issues such as osteoporosis, scoliosis, weakened or underdeveloped back muscles, and more. These issues often require serious medical assistance to rectify, utilizing more complex systems than a soft back brace.


Restricting the motion of the lumbar spine can help to foster faster recovery times and less discomfort, but the right type of back brace must be used for optimal results. It can be difficult to manage your back pain, as the centralized location and constant movement of the spine can cause debilitating problems. Generally, back brace devices can be divided into two categories:


As the name suggests, these bracing systems take a comprehensive approach to limiting movement of the spine. Patients who are suffering from issues such as scoliosis can benefit from the correcting rigidity of this brace, as these devices can restrict up to half of the spine’s ability to move. Patients who have suffered broken bones in the spinal region or who have just undergone fusion surgery can also benefit from this form-fitting brace. It’s important to mention that rigid braces are heavy and can be uncomfortable, making this device a smart option only when it is the best choice for your back pain.


Also known as elastic braces, these back-supporting devices deliver compression and protection with a softer approach. Our elastic back braces are ideal for a wide variety of situations, from professional movers who need long-term support while hard at work, to patients who have undergone a lumbar fusion operation. The body tends to recover and grow more efficiently when it is allowed to rest, and elastic braces provide the guidance and protection that your muscles and spine may need for a healthy outcome.

Corset braces also restrict the body’s ability to bend forward, reminding the wearer of proper posture throughout the day. If you are wearing a brace, you’ll essentially be forced to lift with a straight back.



When your doctor prescribes you a back brace, it can be very beneficial to help with your lumbar pain. Patients who utilize this home medical equipment can benefit from:

  • Less strain and more spinal support when lifting heavier objects.
  • Better immobilization, leading to stronger and faster recoveries.
  • Stabilization of the problem area, providing support and promoting better movements.
  • Compression of the weakened areas, reducing pain in the region.
  • Stronger transitional support, making regular actions such as lying down easier.
  • Better overall support, sometimes serving as a viable alternative to surgical procedures.

Soft back braces are an ideal device for many people suffering from back pain. If you think that a back brace can benefit you in your daily life, be sure to speak with your physician for assistance in finding the best product for your needs. When done, be sure to stop by Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment. Our medical supply store in Illinois has a wide range of quality devices for our customers, ranging from breast pumps and compression socks to stair lifts and more. If you’re in need of quality medical supplies in Rockford, be sure stop by our store or contact us today with any questions!

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