Our Medical Supply Store Highlights The Value Of Compression Socks

While gravity is an essential part of our planet and our livelihood, it’s long-term effects on the body can create certain health concerns. The human body has developed to move blood and other fluids across the body against the pull of gravity, yet certain activities such as standing for extended periods of time can result in pain and discomfort.


Worse yet, individuals dealing with health issues specific to circulation can develop additional ailments. When prescribed by a doctor, lymphedema garments can help to improve circulation and increase comfort, creating ideal well-being to support healthy vein functions.

If you’re in need of top-quality compression socks to achieve the support needed to thrive, our medical supply stores in Freeport and Rockford are here and ready to assist! Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here to serve as your source for durable medical supplies including soft bracing, breast bumps, sleep apnea devices, and more. We also stock a full line of compression stockings to ensure patients can find the right equipment to feel better.

Keep reading to learn all about compression socks, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to get started. Our team is here and ready to assist you in finding the best medical equipment for your needs!

How Do Compression Socks Help?

These garments serve to protect against the progression of venous disorders. Individuals dealing with problems including phlebitis, edema, and thrombosis can find relief with compression socks, which put pressure on veins in order to increase blood flow. This compression forces circulation through narrower channels, helping to fight gravity and better push the blood back to the heart.

Who Needs Compression Stockings?

While compression socks aren’t tailored for any specific purpose, their medical benefits can prove helpful for a variety of individuals. Whether you’re dealing with a venous disorder or you spend all day on your feet, compression garments may prove helpful in providing support and comfort.

Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment of Freeport and Rockford is here to deliver an ideal fit for a variety of individuals, including:

  • Post-surgery patients
  • Employees who stand all day
  • Pilots and flight attendants
  • Individuals with deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and other health problems
  • Pregnant women in need of extra support


When people think of compression stockings, they often consider only socks. In reality, these garments come in a variety of shapes and styles to help individuals with all types of compression needs.

  • Knee-highs — Men and women can benefit from compression socks that rest just above the calves.
  • Thigh-highs — Those in need can upsize their compression stockings for style and support reasons.
  • Pantyhose — Customers can also find full compression with garments designed for full coverage.
  • Maternity — Nearly half of all pregnant women develop varicose veins, but this compression material can help to increase blood flow in the belly while putting pressure on the legs.


In order to achieve the best results for your unique situation, you will need to find the right level of compression. With medical-grade compression socks, a prescription is needed from a physician, helping to narrow down the selection. The Lehan’s team can help you find the perfect fit for daily comfort and health, including compression socks. Measured in mmHg, your compression garments will yield a range expressed in the amount of pressure applied by each product. Each number will consist of a range, with the higher number (increased pressure) applying to the foot while the lower value applies to the upper part of the leg. Your compression socks will likely fall into one of four categories:

  • Mild (8-15 mmHg) — Helps to prevent fatigue and minimize the lethargy and achiness associated with normal activities. Mild compression garments can also be helpful during pregnancy.
  • Medium (15-200 mmHg) — Ideal for relief of aching and swelling in the legs, feet, and ankles. Can be utilized for minor to moderate varicose veins.
  • Firm (20-30 mmHg) — Provides support for moderate to severe vein problems. Also used for severe edema, post-surgical support, and prevention of deep vein thrombosis.
  • Extra Firm (30-40 mmHg) — Helps to relieve severe vein issues. Also utilized to reduce symptoms of Postural Hypotension and Orthostatic Hypotension. Ideal for management of venous ulcers and the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.


Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here to serve as your online source for medical supplies across Freeport and Rockford. Our team can help you find the ideal solution for your unique needs, working with your insurance company to ensure you get the best price possible .

Since 1946, our medical supply store has worked to provide durable medical equipment and more to Illinois residents in need. Be sure to browse our products to see if we carry what you need, and feel free to contact us online to learn more about the medical equipment we carry. We look forward to serving you!

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