Important Models To Consider For Your Power Lift Chair

For people who suffer from mobility issues, getting in and out of a chair can be a very difficult task. Simple movements like answering the door, going to the bathroom, or preparing a meal in the kitchen can be challenging if you suffer from back pain or a lack of muscle strength in your legs.


Luckily, power lift chairs are an affordable and beneficial mobility device for seniors and adults with arthritis and other medical conditions. In this blog, we’ll look at a few important models to consider for your power lift chair.

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Lift chairs are a wonderful option for people who experience pain when they sit down or get up from furniture. These unique medical chairs offer the same comfort as a traditional recliner but with one key difference – they come equipped with a strong electric motor that is located near the base of the chair that helps to lift them from the chair. Along with this motor often comes a handheld remote that allows the user to control the motor. When the person sitting wants to get up from the chair, they simple press the remote and the motor gently lifts the chair and its occupant up to a standing position.

When users want to sit down safely, they will use the remote to adjust the chair to a personally comfortable angle before they sit down. Certain models also feature a separate mechanism that allows you to adjust the footrest independently from the seat. All in all, power lift chairs are a simple and affordable accessory that can help seniors with mobility problems remain safe and comfortable as they enjoy life.


There are a number of models of power lift chairs available on the market today, and each model has its own pros and cons. While a two-position lift chair is built to recline to as much as a 45-degree angle, a three-position chair will recline further to a practically flat position. Depending on your unique medical needs, your physician can help you determine which lift chair is the best solution for you. If you have any questions regarding lift chairs or you’re interested in learning more about the models available, contact the medical supply experts at Lehan’s today.


Two-position lift chairs are among the most popular models available. These chairs offer a limited reclining backrest, giving the occupant a range of recline around 45-degrees. The footrest will flip up automatically as the chair reclines, but will not operate independently from the backrest. These chairs are specifically designed for the casual reader, and are an excellent option for seniors who like to read and watch television.


Three-position lift chairs recline to an almost flat position, making them a great selection for people who want to use the chair to relax and nap. Similar to the two-person lift chair, the footrest will flip up automatically as the chair reclines and does not operate separately from the backrest. Some models even feature heat and massage functions, making them even more beneficial to seniors and the elderly.


These lift chairs are top-of-the-line, and feature all of the bells and whistles available. Infinite position lift chairs, as their name suggests, are perfect for the person who plans on spending a majority of their day sitting down. These chairs can be particularly beneficial to people with hypertension or low blood pressure, since the feet can recline and elevate above the head. Many of these models feature heating and massage functions, and some even offer a bed mattress for extra sleeping comfort.

If you or a loved one is in need of a power lift chair, stop by Lehan’s Medical Equipment and Supplies in Rockford. We offer a large selection of quality medical supplies, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect lift chair for your needs.

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