Highlighting The Questions Asked To Find Your Ideal Power Lift Chair

As we age, our bodies tend to lose flexibility and mobility. Many elderly residents that struggle to move from the seating to standing position (or vice versa) can benefit from the many advantages of a lift chair. Power lift chairs are medical equipment that look nearly identical to your standard living room recliner.


Unlike normal seats, lift chairs utilize buttons and controls to give users assistance in sitting and standing, reducing the strain and risk of injury involved with this repetitive motion. If you’re in need of knee braces, sleep apnea devices, lift chairs, or other medical supplies in Rockford or the surround areas, Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here and ready to assist. Our experienced team is here to help you find the durable medical equipment you need in a way that is optimally covered by your insurance. Since 1946, Lehan Drug has proudly served as your trusted team for home medical equipment and support.

When it comes to finding the perfect lift chair for your situation, our team will ask you a few questions to help us find an ideal fit. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have included a few questions below that may prove useful in helping you find a good lift chair right away. As always, our team is here and available for assistance!

Will A Furry Friend Be Sitting With You?

We all love our pets, and for many senior citizens, these furry friends spend their time in close proximity. Dog owners who plan on making full use of their new lift chair will need to consider the size and weight of their canine before making a decision. In some cases, it may prove wise to invest in a larger chair to ensure a comfortable fit for both of you.

How Much Do You Weigh?

While this may sound like a personal question, your weight needs to be taken into account for the best results. Power lift chairs rely on specific weight thresholds for long-term performance, making the weight measurements critical for an optimal fit.


How Much Space Is Available?

One dimensional restraint that can disrupt your daily life is the amount of space available for a lift chair. Models vary in size, making it important to have a good idea of your open real estate before making a purchase. Failure to do so can disrupt the comfort and convenience of your home, so be sure to reach out to Lehan’s for assistance!

Do You Sleep In Your Recliner Often?

From a preference standpoint, you want to be as comfortable as possible with your new lift chair from Lehan’s. Those that like to slumber in their chair may benefit more from a three-position or infinite-position lift chair style, offering reclining positions that can be fairly flat. As long as you’re happy sleeping in our chairs, our medical equipment specialists are happy!

How Often Will You Be In Your Lift Chair?

Again, comfort is a top priority for this durable medical device. Senior citizens looking to only spend a couple of hours in their lift chair may be able to benefit from the convenience and affordability of a two-position chair. However, those that spend more time relaxing in their chair will likely want a more advanced system for additional comfort.


Will You Be Eating Snacks Or Drinking Beverages In This Chair?

One choice that can prove very beneficial for your daily use is the material of your new power lift chair. Models that are upholstered in leather or vinyl, for example, will be better able to resist stains and damage. The Lehan Drug team can help you through this process, finding an affordable solution that maximizes safety and convenience in your life.

How Long Do You Plan On Using Your Lift Chair?

Some individuals may only require a power chair for a short period of time. Based on your needs, you can buy or rent a lift chair. Lehan’s can help you find the right model, style, and financing option to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your purchase.

Are You Replacing Your Favorite Chair With This Purchase?

Many people have a favorite chair that they can settle into for comfort and relaxation. Medical needs or changes may make it necessary to invest in a lift chair, but it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. When you visit or call Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment in Rockford, be sure to provide the details about your favorite chair. Our team will work hard to find a replacement that is as close to your favorite model as possible.

Investing in a new lift chair can prove to be an amazing experience for you. If you’re here looking for power lift chairs, compression stockings, or other medical supplies, Lehan’s Medical Supplies & Equipment is here and ready to lend assistance. Stop by our business or contact us for assistance in finding the right medical equipment for your needs.

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