Get Your Urological And Ostomy Supplies Locally In Rockford!

Lehan’s Medical is excited to be open and conveniently located on Perryville Rd, just south of State St., in Rockford. We have an extensive selection of medical supplies and equipment, including Urological Supplies (catheters, bags, etc.) and Ostomy Supplies! We understand that some people may get their supplies through the mail from out of state companies.


We would love to keep your medical supply business local with staff you can come to know and trust. We bill Medicare, Medicaid, and many other private insurances on your behalf.

Have questions or want to know if we can supply you with your specific catheters, drain bags, or ostomy supplies? Chances are, we can! Give us a call at 815-708-7456 or contact us to find out!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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