A baby on a yellow blanket with a bottle full of milk.

Whether you’re expecting your first child or your fifth, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding during your baby’s first six months, unless there’s a medical reason not to do so. This is because breast milk offers a variety of benefits to your baby, including boosting his or her immune system, promoting brain and vision development and improving your baby’s digestive tract. Breastfeeding has also been found to reduce the risk of several diseases later in your child’s life including diabetes, various types of cancer, asthma, obesity and even high cholesterol. At Lehan’s Medical Equipment and Supplies in Rockford, we know how challenging it can be to choose the perfect breast pump for your baby and we’ve helped hundreds of moms-to-be find the best breast pump for them. In this article, we’ll discuss breast pumps in further detail so you have a well rounded understanding of the various types available.

dreamstime_xxl_58274847The Different Types Of Breast Pumps

Did you know that breast pumps are specifically manufactured to mimic the nursing habits of babies? If you plan on breastfeeding your newborn, it’s important to know the different types of breast pumps available so you can choose the best pump for you. At Lehan’s, we’re proud to offer a large selection of medical breast pumps for mothers and mother-to-be. If you need help choosing the perfect breast pump, contact our experts today!

Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps are designed for mothers who plan on breastfeeding their little one regularly. These pumps are attached to a motor and are available for both single breast use and double breast use. They are generally fast to pump and can provide much more comfort than manual pumps.

Manual Breast Pumps

As their name suggests, manual breast pumps are operated by hand. This type of breast pump is ideal for women who don’t intend to pump on a daily basis. They can provide relief from engorgement, or when a woman’s breasts are painfully overfull of milk. These breast pumps tend to be less expensive than electric pumps, however the breast pumping process can take a significantly longer amount of time.

Battery Operated Breast Pumps

Battery operated breast pumps are great for mothers who plan on breastfeeding their newborn on occasion. While they are easier to use than manual breast pumps, they normally don’t provide much comfort to mothers.

Hospital Grade or Rental Breast Pumps

Hospital grade breast pumps are among the most efficient and comfortable breast pumps available on the market today. This type of pump will automatically cycle forty to sixty times a minute and offers dual control settings for speed and suction preferences. At Lehan’s in Rockford, we offer a large selection of hospital grade breast pumps. Stop by our medical supply store today or give us a call to learn more!

When To Start Pumping Breast Milk

Once you have decided on a particular make and model of your breast pump, you may be eager to try it out! If your newborn is premature or has special needs that don’t allow you to nurse naturally, you can start pumping breast milk right away. Many breast pump experts recommend mothers avoid nipple confusion by waiting until the first two or three weeks have passed before introducing their child to milk pumped from a breast pump.

dreamstime_17665615How To Use A Breast Pump

Before you try out your breast pump, look for a comfortable and quiet spot to set up your electric or manual breast pump. Try to reach a calm and relaxed state before you begin pumping. A simple breast massage can help encourage relaxation in your breasts if you have trouble winding down. If you’re using an electric breast pump, use the lowest suction first and slowly increase the speed once the milk gets moving. Once you notice the milk flow slowing down or your breasts start to feel empty, make sure to clean your breast pump thoroughly before your next session. If you’re unsure how to use your breast pump, or you need assistance choosing the right model for you, contact the medical supply experts at Lehan’s in Rockford today!

Storing Your Breast Milk

These days, many breast pumps come equipped with custom containers that can be used to store milk for later use. If you plan on storing breast milk, be sure to freeze the milk in small quantities to allow for easy thawing. The milk can be safely stored in the freezer for up to four months and in the refrigerator for up to four days.

Lehan’s Medical Equipment and Supplies in Rockford has helped hundreds of mothers find the perfect breast pump for them. If you need helping choosing an efficient model, or you have questions about the different types of breast pumps available, our experts can help. Stop by our store today or give us a call!